welcome to the yonger generation of chefs (class 25)

This was a taste of what I consider the real deal–aside from our previous chef.
take instruction, digest, plan, execute
What a difference a day makes!

So our new Chef was younger and had his own attitude. So we just have to wait and see what his deal is.

Before class we went to a resume class. In there we did the 30 second pitch. Go ahead and try the 15 second spiel about yourself (yeah, even shorter). We looked at crazy resumes, tips to get your point across in a super short time and get a call back, etc. It was a college course that some of us needed a refresher in.

So finally to class. Here was the line up for rest of the day:
Tuna Carpaccio–fresh tuna rolled in ground fennel, black pepper and coriander-then seared-it is quite pretty when cut. We did not get to make this. Hot Shot Chef made it, so I only got a glance while he was doing in on the side as we worked. We made a vinaigrette to go along with and plated that and some micro-greens. I like tuna but not really the raw kind–the all fish taste has some getting used to.

Sauteed Scallops–this was an awesome dish. I love scallops seared. It has sea salt in it–the natural kind so at times was interesting to eat. We made a Pomme Maxine. It was thin potatoes slices cut into 1″ circles and layered into an oval shape, then fried. This was fun as we put it on top of our scallops. It added a starch but very interesting design to the plate.

Parsnip Sauce–pretty good. I watched someone else make it. We put that around the scallops.

There was also Braised Cabbage–I did not partake here.
The last dish was the Sauteed Halibut with a warm vinaigrette. We did not have enough time to cook it so we prepped it for Sunday class. Well the funny thing was that when I wrote out the recipe I left out part and so I wrote sideways later on in my book, and this was the day that other people wanted to share. Good luck to them .. LOL Then they asked me questions–what could I say.

So the new chapter has begun. Faster, stronger, higher–that seems to be the theme.

Eat well–not too much, but always enjoy life!!

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