You have been reviewed: Posto 22, NR NY

so we wanted something to eat on my weekend off-the stage is set 🙂
It is not often that we get the evening to do whatever, as I have class on the weekends so cannot partake in late night activities.
Today however, we decided to either do Indian food or Italian food, locally.
I called ahead but had passed this place a few times on the way to the supermarket. If they were crowded it would be fine.
We entered and it was a long skinny room with dimmed lighting but bright enough to see your food. The lights were on top, hidden so not directly on you–glowing almost. Mild date like..
We got stuck, guess where, against the wall in the walking lane, our luck!
We got to watch all the food come out, though we were not the closest to the kitchen, someone else had that joy.
I ordered pan seared scallops on top of risotto, or maybe bulgur and asparagus.
My other half go some funky butterfly pasta with sausage.
My meal was filling and we shared. His was good and a nice detour from my occasionally sea salt taste.
Our waitress was attentive even after I tried to pay with my gift card,that had not been activated.
I even got dessert. I was fully but needed my sugar fill so asked the waitress what kind of cookies were only platter. She went to the pasty chef and got all the names–bravo to her. The cookies were good and a nice end to a nice dinner.

I would give is a 6. I was a little taken aback that I was on the wall again, in the walking path. Also this chick was talking one table behind me, and I wanted her to stop.

The funny thing was watching the two French men across from us murder some meat and then obliterate a bowl of pasta. Oh by the way, they appetizer-ed with pizza. Balsy is all I can say.

If you are in the area–when ever that may be, and you need some simple Italian, hit this place. It will set you back about 80 bucks once you order dessert. If you get two separate ones and you order two separate appetizers, I would say 100 bucks is the minimum. It’s up to you. You will spend at least 40 bucks though.

Later for now.

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