You have been reviewed: Candle Cafe

So with my crazy busy schedule I finally had a day off and could meet up with one of my girlfriends. She was vegetarian/vegan (who knows) so we looked for a place that had good food for both of us. We took a trip to the Upper East-oh yeah.

So it took us a while to actually get in. I thought it was diner-ish so I was pacing around and kept myself busy by going to Citeralla. All the wholesome goodness without the overkill of Wholefoods. When I came back I realized that there was an actual waiting list, so we had to wait about 10 more minutes. We pre-viewed the menu and I found a bunch of meatless items I would indulge in.

I ended up getting this dish with 3 layers, top layer pureed sweet potato, middle, beans and then the bottom bulgur wheat. This all sat on some bitter greens–yeah not tossed with butter or salt or anything. The whole was so tasty and we were chatting along. It looked like a lot but guess what, I ate 95% and then felt like a whale. It was good though.

The place was somewhat bright in the front and darker towards the back. If you get stuck on the side-meant to be the walking path–then you better be small, be able to deal with people maybe rubbing up against your chair and the pain of watching all the dishes past by you. We were 5 feet from the kitchen and I could see partly into it. Usually I never want to see inside a kitchen but it was okay this time. It was tidy though.

Try it out-it is interesting. I would say that I give it a 6.5. I would do it again and I want to try the lasagna–sounds marvelous.

Until then-eat well, enjoy life!


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