Class 24: A Sandwich for you, A Sandwich for me–

sandwich buffet-

Man it was like a gourmet deli in my class, we even had “guests” and visitors with plates ready to pounce on all our creative work.

I voiced to the Chef that they could not come in till we had had our fill. How messed up would that be–you make something and you are excited to taste and, and some grubby, eagles want to dive in and steal your bounty. I felt like I had to protect the food–all the animals: salmon, shrimp, chicken, pig, and tuna.

Check out the pictures. It took me like 1 hour to do mine, 10 minutes for the actual making of the devilled ham and then 1/2 and hour to fill the sandwiches and little pastry dishes. Some people had these complicated sandwiches like Reubens, Chicken Clubs, Chicken and Mushrooms burgers (chx and mushrooms food processed together). I helped everyone else out when I was done.

The tuna was my favorite with the curry a close second. I had the burger and it melted in my mouth. I dipped mine in ketchup. I am a ketchup fanatic by the way. For the people who live back home, ketchup on pizza is normal–here I met with resistance. I like ketchup on my fries and with some things, not eggs actually, which is a favorite among some people. Any kind of burger, load on the ketchup and if you have bbq sauce, even better.

So I took no sandwiches home. There was just not enough left over. Also sandwich holds well for a few hours and then it is like mush, and if you carry it in a bag and it falls apart, the magic is lost. I did take some tuna and curry salads though. That will be my lunch. YUUUMMMYYY.

Until next time.
Eat Well & Enjoy Life!!


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