Class 23: Breakfast for Lunch and Salad Mahem

french toasts, pancakes, crepes, waffles,

There is nothing like breakfast and a lot of it for lunch. There were even vultures waiting outside our door. I almost had to tell someone about himself. I had just made a waffle and he was already in our classroom. I put it down and as I started to turned my head he motioned to pick it up. I told him, I need to taste it. He seemed unaffected–I call it greediness. I just looked at him stupefied.

The crepes we made had an apple filling to go along with it–all this good food can never be good for you. I had one of those. The teacher said that I needed to make two more crepes to get a better color and so I made two others. For my second one I put goat cheese in it-interesting taste as I usually have goat cheese in salad or with wine.

The pancakes surprised me. I thought we had to have light pancakes, perfectly golden brown. Chef was saying excellent for all kinds of colors. This is good for me. I was trying to have IHOP quality pancakes. 🙂 Funny I thought that as I mentioned to the Chef that I, like him, make pancakes from scratch. He said that his family likes to go to IHOP and he has to take them, fortunately and unfortunately.

Grits-well that is another story. My teammate tasked with this, well lets just say, the grits were still on
the fire after to hours. I am not sure how long grits are supposed to cook but I am pretty sure that 2 hours is too much time. At the end we just tossed it in the garbage.

Another team made yummy granola. I had that in my hand I was like a little pig. It had apricots and some other things. It was delicious-a very dark flavor, but it just made me feel like I was in Germany on a cold morning.

I got the chance to make muselix with cream and fruit (banana, grapes, apples and pears). I had that when I went to Germany actually. If you want the recipe, let me know. It is good breakfast food (finally right :)) and very filling.

In the evening we ran the salad gamut.

Our team made parsons salad. It had all this crap. We put almonds, frisee, radicchio, romaine lettuce, fried veggies, quail eggs and some peas. We do this thing called blanching, I mentioned previously. That is putting the vegetable into a pot of boiling. Then we put in cold iced water to stop the cooking and to save the color. I have been doing that with my green beans and broccoli at home. It really keeps the vegetable from being soggy.

Other teams made taboulleh, which looks like colored caviar. Then there was the crazy Cobb salad. There was also the Caesar salad-such a classic. Then there was one other salad with almost everything-string beans, anchovies, carrots, chicken, tuna and a bunch of other things. Check out the pictures. It was like the salad bowl squared.

Enjoy your greens and live well!!

I took home salad to balance out the breakfast food.

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