Class 22 Rabbit and Eggs–yummy

hide your furry little friends

I got to tackle the rabbit again–I am always lucky. I cracked the ribs, then opened the flaps and seasoned, then tied with string and put in a “waste of time” marinade. Why do I say that, b/c I cannot understand how that marinade works. We put big cloves of garlic and then thyme sprigs and parsley sprigs. We also added black peppercorn and olive oil. So how did the sprigs marinade the meat–I am still trying to guess. In the beginning I thought that we would enclose these things in the flaps and cook. Even if we had the meat untied and all in a pot sitting in half the height in oil, it would have been more effective.

The other time was spent doing chicken stew, couscous, and penne w sun dried tomatoes and chanterelle shrooms. I have come to like shrooms in small doses. When we make our pan sauces and add shrooms in the end, it is lovely. We also did Israeli couscous.

The chicken stew was from South America so it had chipotle, ancho peppers, and pasilla pepper. The penne was a cheese fest and as I think about it, thought it as great, it was a lactose intolerant person’s nightmare. I liked it. Lastly, the couscous looked like extra large coriander, softened. That was made in a sauce pan and was lovely.

In the evening we did eggs: poached, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, scrambled, omelets and frittatas. We also made hash browns and cooked some bacon n sausage. The hash brown was a like a large patty in a frying pan. You could wedge it and serve 12 people for sure. It did not look that appetizing but I guess on a plate it would be okay. On an eggs note, eggs would seem like an easy thing, but there are a million ways to mess that up. Too hard, to runny, yolk breaks in pot, in poaching liquid, soft egg becomes hard egg, French omelet browns or you drop or crack the egg by accident.

So to all my egg fans–know that you can put eggs on a steak, on rice, on chili, on toast, and on fries.

Eat well! Enjoy life!


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