Class 21: some stuff to keep us busy aka Review

mackerel–finally a good cut

So it was my job to take apart the mackerel and grill it. Well I must let you know that my grill skills are not so “ill”. It was nice enough though. My favorite part was toasting the coriander, fennel and cumin seeds. It smelled so good. Toasted spices gets a nice smoky full taste. I felt like emptying the whole tray into my mouth and swirling around to capture the flavors and aromas.

BBQ baby back ribs–smooth, with a great rich sauce, That took a while: the normal boil, then rub, then cook in the oven. They were not greasy looking and regular barbecue sauce covered. The sauce was a slightly thick, heavily spiced red paste-paste, like kids paste. When it hit the taste buds, it was like a smooth cordial. People dived for that and no matter how messy, they took it to the head. 🙂

Braised Sweetbreads-lets just say it is good fried. It was blanched ( par boiled and then shocked to stop the cooking) then it was dredged in flour and fried to a golden crisp–not burned of course. It is ashamed that in order to get someone to really enjoy that or accept it -sweatbreads, you have to deep fry and not let the nature flavors dominate. I did not need natural on that one, by the way. (I stayed away.)

Supreme of Chicken w/white wine reduction-Well of course if you have been following, I always get stuck with the chicken or the rabbit. Luckily this was a review so I ran through this, except in the beginning. I forgot to take the bone out normally, so I had to carve it out of the breast.

Baked Stuffed Potatoes-twice baked–scoop out the potatoes, mash, add milk and butter and then refill skins. I took the liberty of adding cheese in the middle of the potato as well as the top. That went good with the ribs.

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms- 3 types of shrooms-someone cooked them in separate pans, I did one. I am getting to like the smell of cooking mushrooms.

Grilled Hanger Steak w/teriyaki marinade–the joke about the marinade is that we had to help this guy redo the sauce. Funny thing is that when we redid the sauce I forgot to read across so I missed the honey, ginger and the lemon zest. I think that even though the sauce was originally burned and had the most bitter taste, when we did it, if we had added all the ingredients, it would have not been too different. We added soy sauce, dry sherry, sugar and garlic. Well I added brown and white sugar after, but it still tasted somewhat bitter–it could pass however. Luckily Chef was not tasting the sauces–he might have choked. 🙂

Grilled Hamburger-These came out good. I even took one home for my boy. I did not have one but I had a taste of another guy’s one. He made this melted blue cheese combination–and also added some other things–amazing. He is actually pretty creative and knows a lot about flavor–he will be great no matter what he does.

Buffalo Chili–this was fun. It looks like ground meat and has a slightly different taste but that is covered but the chili sauce. We were able to make tortilla chips to go with this. We were offered the liberty to do that.

I even got to use one of the Chef’s recipes and so I made cornbread. It was nice and light. I added a table spoon of honey and then nutmeg and cinnamon. Nice breakfast food or accompaniment to ribs–you agree?

If you would like the recipe of any of the above, let me know. Also, tell me what meats you have used and in what dishes, outside of the normal cooking realm. I look forward to your responses.

For now, eat well, lay off the eggs (last class), enjoy your meats and try something new!


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