april 13

So I met with some people from a place called Spiaggia. It is a popular restaurant in Chicago.
Apparently the Obamas have eaten there a few times.
The stories of the owner and the Executive Purchasing chef are really interesting. The owner opened it up 26 years ago–when he was 26–way to date yourself my friend. He just started. Man–that is ballsy. I need to grow a set, but I need to figure out exactly what I like, and then run with it.
The executive chef was a young girl who manned the kitchen. I was a little unsure who she was when I first saw her. She was hitting those guys hard. I though she was the head chef. Head Chef was sitting back and letting the young-ins work their magic.

The group was fun and I hope to deal with another great group the next time I volunteer.

Check out my pic.


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