Class 20: Beans and Grains Bachanalia

Today was beans and grains day. The day also required a double band aid treatment as I sliced the tops of my fingers. The leeks turned while I was about to cut and I stop mentally but not physically fast enough to halt the knife. That is always fun.

I like beans and this could lead to a few days of intense passing of gas.

My favorite dishes of the day: the falafel, the farro with sausage, the baked beans and the risotto. I am attaching pics of all. (including the black beans and excluding the risotto) We also tackled Quinoa and wheat-berry.
Well the risotto is takes the longest to cook in terms of constant attention being needed. There is a lot of dairy so if you are intolerant, you can never eat this. We put marscapone cheese, butter (of course), and cheese. It took about 20-25 minutes at the stove to cook this. As we have learned, most restaurants cook this partially and let is rest and then when someone orders it, they finish it. That is all good and well but it is stored outside for hours and it is actually something the Health Dept frowns upon. It is a creamy, but has distinguishable rice like pieces.

The baked beans were slamming. I guess that is what brown sugar in excess does. All the other foods were salty in comparison to the strong sweet taste. It had molasses as well. It was basically bbq beans. (ketchup, molasses, sugar, Dijon mustard, vinegar) When it is hot–you can eat a whole bowl with a spoon and spend a whole week trying to remove it. ‘;)

I made Cuban black beans. I have not cooked beans from the dry state so I did not realize how long it took. My mom makes it but it is part of a pilau (rice n peas n chicken) dish and so I never paid attention as it was long cooking for the rice. I tried to spice up the Cuban black beans but did not get enough heat. I wanted a sweet n sour taste, 20/80 split respectively.

I took home a little bit of all. We shall see during the week.

So if you want any of the recipes let me know. I will scan them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till then, Enjoy Life n Eat Well!!

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