Class 19: A Fish Feast

For all the fish lovers, this one was for you. I even got to cut up a whole sole. My skills are getting better but I “zogged” it up good enough. (zog -a word we use in our culture to describe making a mess of a cutting job, sewing job–it just looks untidy, uneven, meat left on the fish) Well there was enough to make our dishes so no bother. Plus when it is cooked u can hardly tell as long as the mess ups are small.

So we covered Paupiettes of Sole.

This is the fish I cut up. We stuffed it with a leek blend (leeks, butter and orange zest), then we put it in some stock w heavy cream. That was the best fish I ever tasted. I am not a fan of fish and only eat certain types. It was good, believe me. If you want the recipe let me know.

We did a white poached fish. When it was cooking the fins stood up. It was a weird thing to see. We had 2 fish poaching in the same pot and I felt like I was seeing a show from Sea World. 🙂 That dish was kind of bland when we presented. It looked like fish floating in milk–unnatural. Milk n fish–yuk.

I did the poached salmon and that was the same process as the poached fish. I put some additional seasoning as the water was pretty bland. I think that the spices were not enough or not too strong.

One of the team members did Cauliflower Al a Grecque–this dish had a very strong acidic like taste–good though. It was a nice contrast to some of the dishes. We used saffron and a bunch of other spices with seeds.

So the king of the day was artichoke w vinaigrette. I totally think this food is a waste. Here is why. You spend about 1 hour preparing it and then when you go to eat it, it is like a tiny egg cream amount. All that work and that is the reward. I skipped the taste test. In this case, to get my money’s worth I would have eaten the leaves.

In the evening we played with potatoes. We made potato gratin-basically fancy scalloped potatoes. We made potato puree, with both regular and sweet potatoes. I got to make the sweet potatoes and then later I did the glazed carrots. I let it cook a little too much by itself so it browned-with the sugar and all. So next time, full glazed and constant flipping. We almost ran out of time and so we set our carrot timbales for the next day. It had eggs, heavy cream, Parmesan and butter. I am not sure what it was supposed to taste like.

The last thing in our book was broccoli souffle. Our chef changed it up a bit and made it chocolate souffle. I think that was a good choice. We made 2 each and then some non chocolate fans asked if people wanted to taste theirs. I am like a sugar baby so I tasted one that had a nice crust on top. I am not sure it is supposed to come out that way, but I liked it actually.

I did not take home any fish from the morning, just the sweet potato, gratin, carrots and souffle. The carrots glazed are so delicious. Carrots have a nice sweet taste on their own so a little glaze makes them a good contrast food.

Next weekend we have a quiz and then we get into making eggs-the wonderful world of eggs.

Till then, Eat Well n Enjoy Life!!!!

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