Cooking Class 14: Deep Frying Oil Slick

We must have used about 2 gallons of oil that day. We fried broccoli, chicken (southern fried), oysters and bass. We breaded and battered everything. We put the chicken in a shallow pot and cooked till golden brown (our team cooked a little past that-dark brown) We even had two of those pots going. We also a had a pot for the seafood (bass and oysters) and then a pot for the french fries. We were playing with the temperature and maintaining. We also made cocktail sauce and a wasabi -soy dipping sauce for the morning and chimchurri and maitre d’ butter in the evening. The second set went with the steak.

At some point in the class we heard the teacher comment that people must get along. Apparently two students were having a verbal argument. I totally missed it but we had our own things.

In the evening we went on to grilling. Man the smoke that comes from the grill is ridiculous. It is even more so when you have a flare up–the only thing you can do is try to remove your charred or soon to be charred meat from the flames, cover with a pan to smother or to throw a lot of salt on it, as we learned in the last module. Always have a box of kosher salt handy.

We did Flank Steak, Rib Eye, Chicken Pillards, and a bunch of vegetables. My steak had the cross hatch required but I made perfect boxes actually, so a little too perfect. Restaurants usually have the cross hatch in a diamond shape but to be able to get a perfect box, to me, is another skill. I also made chicken, pounded, on the grill. That was good but I was afraid it was not cooked in the middle so I put it back on the grill, which produced a slight cross hatch on top of what I already had. The grilled vegetables were great. They were in marinade and were the highlight. After all the grease in the morning it was great to eat something that NATURE INTENDED. Squash, Cucumbers, Red Peppers, Eggplant, and Carrots. Grilled veggies are the best.

If you would like any of the recipes for the send me a comment and I will email when I have a chance.
Enjoy life and eat well!!


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