Cooking Class 13: Pan Frying

Today we had some guests. Two Virginia girls were sitting in. They looked like debutantes and not cooks: tall, slender and as if they were to host a tea party. We cooked salmon in the frying pan, loins of lamb and fillet of sole. We also made sauteed spinach. I am so glad we did, as later on I had food to eat. It used to be that on the says we brought lunch, we made tons of food. On the days we brought snack food from home, we made nothing to eat in class–like the day we made sauces.

My fillet of sole came out great. It was dipped in flour. I made a lemon, white wine and parsley sauce. I also did salmon–mine stuck a little so I was a little put off, but it was cooked. Then I made a white sauce for the salmon. The lamb came out good, a little bit rare for my taste, but it was fine for the Chef. We took turns making these and I also made apple sauce, which was supposed to go with our potatoes, that we never made. Only the Chef made one (easy-use a Mandoline to slice potatoes to the desired thickness, mix with salt and whatever seasonings you like, oil a little frying pan, all the sides and then pack in the potatoes. let is cook till brown on the bottom, then you can flip). He gave to the two guests. I also did sauteed spinach; well I cooked the garlic a little too much and so the taste was slightly bitter.

In the evening we had the fun tasks of preparing Chicken Supreme, Veal Milanese, and crab cakes.
The chicken Supreme is a breast with bone in. We seared that in a frying pan. The Veal Milanese, we breaded and then fried. The crab cakes were hilarious. I put twice the amount of scallions. It tasted good though. We all tried the frying at our table and all made it nice and dark. You can call us the darkies from now on. Chef even suggested I make another one (a third one) so he could go home happy. Well sorry to disappoint. The key is to actually turn it often. We all put it in the pot and tried to fry it like meat-let is sit on one side and then when completely done, flip to other side. I think the crab meat was cooked so really we just needed to kill all the germs and make the patty form-that was it. We instead tried to cook a steak.

I left class with a huge bag of cooked food. I had already planned out the meals for the week.

After class I walked to meet my other half. It was raining hard and the wind was out of control. Umbrellas were useless. Only rain boots, rain coats, and a determined walking pace kept you from being blasted with rain and blown off course. My pants were soaked and my air breather sneakers were wet. My wool jacket smelled like wet dog. Yummy.

Tomorrow, on to deep frying. Let the fat fest begin.


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