Cooking Class 11: test of memory, trial n error, patience

Like the title says, test. Well today we had a written exam and then we had a practical exam. When I woke up this morning I thought I had this in the bag. Well the written exam was okay so I am satisfied with my efforts. The practical, well what a bunch of brain fart came over me. I tried to fit in and instead I ended up wanting to run over my foot with my own car. My Mayonnaise was excellent, true, the Chef’s words. My dicing, was mediocre. For some reason I changed my technique and ended up with all these weird shapes, different sizes and man I only got to do 2 potatoes. Let’s just say I could not fix that.

Then there was the soup making. All started well but I seemed to be lost as if I could not remember what to do-even though I tried it at home and memorized the recipe. I even forgot to add the Celery–don’t tell Chef. I saw some one peeling it later into my exam and was like–what is he doing? Later on I had to puree some broccoli, well it looked foamy and white so I panicked. I went from blender to blender–a hidden camera would be sinfully entertaining for outsiders. I literally tried to get the best blend and could not for the life of me figure out why everyone’s mixture was greener(variations but definitely greener), like baby i-s-h-t. Later on I started to achieve that, after adding more liquid and by then I had already boiled down my thickening liquid so could only add a little. It was a 3-5 minute blend, constantly. I may have gotten 3 but not the right amount of mixture, so it was useless. ( I had added some of the crap (bad crap) previously to the finished sauce in the pot.) I could only imagine what everyone else was thinking and the Chef was right in front of me the whole time in his ‘lifeguard’ chair. I was livid that I wanted to just say the hell with it, but I added some of the better pureed liquid and it added some color and flavor but by then all the pieces were in it. It had a grainy consistency. I tried to season as best I could already knowing the outcome, and so I presented to Chef. It was one of the disheartening feelings. I am a quality, hard work person, and I try to make it the best no matter what. To knowingly hand in that work was like a slap in my face.

So I finished at 3:10, right before my presentation time of 3:15. Man, it takes a lot out of me to even relive it. Picture a military engagement where you make a mistake and lose your way, there is no going back–you do the best you can and MOVE ON. So to end my beautiful day, for some reason, we seem to only have a few dishwashers, cleaner uppers and tidy uppers in my class, though there is a list by each person’s name. I washed these large pots. I even got black soot on my hands–woman hands. Too bad Chef did not see my grand and grave efforts. One day soon, all will bow to me. 🙂 Sorry, I am listening to chanting music and if you like that sort of stuff, it makes up feel like a cut above, literally–like being up high examining below. You gain perspective. Well I gained a little.

So we shall see what I get on my tests. I will definitely be trying to make that again at home, and it will come out EXCELLENT. Wherever Chef is, he will sense it, and say it, “EXCELLENT, BRAVISSIMO”.

Tried a new place tonight for dinner, nothing special like __________ (fill in the blank with any fancy place) but it satisfied a craving.

New class teacher tomorrow. We have a new module–sauteing, and pan cooking. Protein heaven.

Until tomorrow. Eat Well and Enjoy Life.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Class 11: test of memory, trial n error, patience

  1. you know that you have to fall down at least once before you get to the finish line. i still don’t understand how you make the broccolu puree?

    1. broccoli flowers and some chicken stock in a blender on high for 5 minutes–it turns this dark green color and it a medium thick consistency
      you fill the blender 1/2 way with broccoli and add maybe 1 cup of stock, you add the rest of the stock slowly as the broccoli breaks down—

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