You have been reviewed: Basta Pasta

Tortino di Granchio :Crab meat, avocado, green apples, Yukon Gold potatoes & basil aioli with grapefruit jelly, radishes & chayote (Interesting and very tasty)

Ravioli di Vitello, Prosciutto e Mozzarella: Veal, prosciutto, & mozzarella cheese ravioli with fresh tomatoes in Parmesan sauce It was what it was. In retrospect, some pignolis would have been great.

Pesce del Giorno :Charcoal-grilled fish of the day with grilled vegetables
According to my mate, it was salty in places (fish), but it was tasty. The vegetables were excellent, except for the red cabbage that was rather salty.

Vulcano :Melting chocolate inside warm cocoa sponge cake with vanilla gelato and fresh fruit (It was okay. It was a 4 out of 10 for what I know that dessert can be.) So I went home and tried it. Well, I made little chocolate bombs. I followed a recipe that had no flour (I sneaked in a tablespoon), but the center of my trials cooked, so it was like a high version of chocolate cake, not really a cake like texture, but cake like appearance–slightly wet texture.

The restaurant was off the main street but bright. From the window and as soon as you walk in you can see the freezers (true of not?) and then a bar on the right, small. The kitchen itself was in the front and open so you could see all that was going on. It was rather small and looked like it could be set up as a tv kitchen, all ready for the cameras.

The place was owned and staffed by Japanese. Yes, Japanese making pasta dishes. The inside had dim track lighting and had simple chairs and tables covered with paper, the kind you tear off after a patron leaves. It is one way to clean. The only thing was that the paper machine was in full view and the pitch sound caused by the tearing was annoying. Other than that, they were attentive and brought the food fairly quickly.

I would probably go back but order another dish and skip the dessert. I would maybe go to tasti delight instead.

If you like pasta I would give it a try. If you don’t like a loud place, don’t go there. The people next to us–well lets just say, I was ALL IN THEIR BUSINESS. They sat 5 inches from me on both sides. The atmosphere is simple but okay for dates. We saw a lot of families. They even take your coats.


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