Cooking Class 9: Butter Baby

Just like any other Saturday, I arrive to class ready for action. This week on time of course. I had enough time to get upstairs and relax for 5 minutes. So what is the first thing I see, some of the class sitting, and then ten or so pots on the floor catching water. Yes we are privileged to be on the top floor, pretty sky views but when it rains, it pours. This is not ideal when you have to make sauces and you are walking with open pots all around the stove, taking clarified butter, and going to the convection oven to check on tomatoes, that smelled so good you wanted to glue your face to the oven door, hoping the smell would melt into your face.

So we made 8 sauces. That is right. It was a royal mess. The teacher said that Mise en place was important-he was so right. The class were broken up into two teams and we split the sauces amongst us. Two sauces were always going. Mise en place is preparing and having it all available so that you don’t run around the kitchen looking for things while pots are cooking, blenders are going and sauces or veggies are being cooked/cooled. We must of used about 1 one package of plastic dishes. For example, the Classic Tomato Sauce had 13 ingredients and we put them all out. Of course while that was going on, we were making the onion sauce and making the port wine reduction. So there were about 25 different little containers on the table. We kept them in different trays.

So the butter baby–we made Hollandaise and Bearnaise and Sauce Forestiere. You could slide down a scaled runaway with no problem with the butter content. So for the Bearnaise and the Hollandaise, we beat eggs over a warm water pot and then we beat it to death some more, till it was somewhat creamy. Out ream did one good and one where the eggs cooked a little. After the eggs are beaten to death, then you slowly add clarified butter to the mix in thin streams. I am not kidding. The Hollandaise takes 16-20 oz of butter. A standard measuring cup had 8 oz, so that is almost three. Hollandaise, if you forgot, this is what they pour over poached eggs. Bearnaise is the same process except the beginning you add a combined mixture of vinegar, shallots, tarragon leaves, and peppercorn. This gets added to the eggs, then you beat like mad.

This class, we were there till the end, cleaning up. They were trying to kick us out.

Tomorrow would be a mixture of textures and tastes. Stay Tuned. If you would like the recipe for any of the sauces we made, let me know. I can scan copy.

In the evening we made some fun sauces:Vinaigrette, and Mayonnaise. I took home a ton of stuff. I bought it home so my dear could taste them all.

I was so worn out from all these sauces.

Eat well! Enjoy Life.


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