You have been reviewed: The Mexican Corner

Takeout–of what fun

We decided to eat out last Monday night (15th). I had the liberty of ordering. I ordered the Flautas over yellow rice, which were not exactly as I had remembered. I had some good ones ( I guess being fried, changes everything) at Gonzalez Y Gonzalez, south of Houston Street, in NY. Then we had some corn Sopas (?). There were a little tough but had a hearty corn flavor and were topped with lettuce, a mild salsa and maybe cheese. That was good too. We ordered a side of plantains. That rounded out our dinner.

On the flautas, good but not great. Okay, good in a different way.
On the Corn Sopas, interesting texture, but topped with interesting mix as well.
Plantains, you can’t mess that up. It is not even really seasoned, unless you call oil a seasoning. 🙂

Because the place is in our neighborhood, it is likely that we will order out from there again. We will try some other things and may even go in and dine this time.

Good Eats, over and out!!


2 thoughts on “You have been reviewed: The Mexican Corner

    1. I think you read it wrong. Gonzalez Y Gonzalez was the place I had the good food ( on account of being fried) and this place , The Mexican Corner, did not have it so well.

      Thanks for reading though.

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