New Utensils

I received some new utensils two days ago. I had to spend a gift card and thought, why not get some much needed things, from Macy’s of all places. Kitchen Aid Peeler, MS Cutting Board and MS French Rolling Pin

Previous to this, I had been using a makeshift cutting board. We had received a cheese set that came with 4 knives/cutting tools. They were encased in 2 wooden circles and the top was meant to be the cutting board for the cheese. So we started using it as a cutting board for all. Well we have had it for almost 10 months and it worked till it started cracking, as it was made out of wood and the bottom portion’s finish started to come off. So yesterday I retired the both of them to the garbage.

I also got a cool peeler. Cutting potatoes and carrots will be so much faster. Lastly, I got a rolling pin. I mentioned in my blog on Valentines Weekend, that I used a tall skinny jar to roll out my dough. I usually use a bottle of wine. Now I have a French rolling pin. It has no handles, but is long, extra long, actually, and slender. I cannot find a space for it now so it is just in the closet in the odd ball section.

Oh and I also have an additional bad utensil to get rid of. I had a brush. I opened the drawer yesterday and saw wads of the thistles. I turned it over and there was like a 1/4 set missing. Okay so the brush was dead. Now I have to get a new one if I plan to brush pastry with eggs or to brush meat with bbq sauce or whatever.


2 thoughts on “New Utensils

    1. My rolling pin?
      I also used the cutting board this weekend–what a difference more space makes and an easy clean surface.

      I will release Saturday’s blog before the end of the day. Sunday will be ready hopefully tomorrow morning.

      Send me Mariam’s page by my regular email.

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