Fat & Oils

In class we took a ton of fat off of of a beef tenderloin, off of the Beef loin portion and also off of Veal (5 lbs at least.)

Chef says that it can be melted down and used. Of course this is not a short process and you magically have oil. It is the same thing with butter. If butter is cooked all the way down, it looks like oil you buy in the bottle. All the buttery characteristics are out the door. The same with the fat.

The animal fat is actually used in cosmetics and also in pastries. You see the flaky pastries people go gaga for, well there is some animal fat. For all my bakers out there, you know what I speak of–LARD baby LARD. The petroleum jelly looking semi-solid thing you use to make your treats.

So we had tons of it but at the end, we forgot to take it. I really wanted to try and render it to an oily substance. We had tons, I could have yielded at least a liter.

Solid Fat Sources

Butter, suet, most animal fats, shortening & margarine

Oil Sources – Just a Few From the Fat Pack

Canola, corn, oil, peanut, safflower, soybean, sunflower, walnut.

Fun Fat Facts-
Enjoy Life


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