Uncle Nick’s Greek Cuisine

For all my vegetarians in the house, take a seat at Nicks on 9th avenue around 51/52. So we went there last before we say Jersey Boys. Aside from the loud chicks next to us, it was good food.
We had a little booth in the back, so with the exception of the loud women (6 women), it was a nice environment. We had arrived around 6:15 but by the time we left, 7:50pm it was filled.

So we started with:
KOLOKITHAKIA SCORDALIA Fried zucchini served w/ scordalia dip
RODELA Fresh Greek Fries
(Name?) 4 dips with pita bread (cucumber, eggplant, scordalia, and a seafood something-reddish)

I had a funny time when I went to order. I wanted to get an appetizer plate but was stopped in my tracks. The waiter said that the meal was rather small and not filling. Thank goodness he said that. I was going to order an appetizer plate. Here is the break down.
MEZEDAKIA A medley of sweetbreads, keftedakia (meatballs), and Greek sausage sauteed in wine sauce and fresh lemon.

So I saw sweet bread and I was like, yes something fun in the appetizer menu. Greek breads. Well, only a few days before in class, I read that Sweetbreads was part of the OFFAL MEATS (for me that spells awful). It is part of the unused parts of the animal and looks like brains. If you google it, there will be many lovely stories about it, I am sure.

So after I was saved, I got the pork kebob with peppers and onions. Though not accompanied by a sauce, I loved it. It was filling, had a pleasant taste and simple enough that my stomach would not do numbers during the play. Surprisingly, I was not busting at the seams and I practically cleaned my plate. It was the right amount. Usually, I eat and then I am comatose. Then we had some dessert:Baklava and a pastry filled cream (GALAKTOBOUREKO Greek custard wrapped in fillo). Balkava is usually a winner. This other one was okay as well.

On dinner, I would give it a 7.5. It was good enough. It was not something that was amazing, but it was tasty and a good sized portion.
On dessert–I like the Baklava and the other thing–pleasant enough, so combined, about 7.5. as well.

I recommend Uncle Nicks. Also on 9th avenue there are also a bunch of places. I hear of this small place called Empanada Mama, as few doors down. I am waiting to try that place also.

Happy Eating


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