Day 3 Cooking Class

It has been a tiring last few days as you can see also busy. I am posting at this late hour after finishing a paper on black pepper. BTW we have guest over so I had to take a while out to be social.

So today we learned about culinary math. I was a little behind and when he called on me, I fumbled but that will not happen again. Balancing time is essential. We spent much of the morning going over how to calculate food that could be reused–the scraps that one would tend to throw away. It is a money maker, rather than the steak or rack of lamb. You can turn steak scraps into about 3 other dishes. We also learned how to scale recipes–so lets say you have a recipe for 24 servings but you need for 30 people, there is a formula for that. I want to ask him if the same applies for halving a recipe, especially if the recipe calls for 1 egg. Would you seriously put half an egg–I guess you could but I want to make sure that a certain amount of egg is not needed for the process. I have never seen a recipe for 1.5 or 2.5 eggs.

In the evening we cut more potatoes, carrots, onions and the newbie, shallots. We also cut broccoli and string beans. Then we cut cabbage and salted it. We shall see the results tomorrow. In the end we started using the stove. YAY COOKING. [side bar–in the morning we came in and it was fairly breezy. I was glad I wore a shirt underneath my jacket. It was not cold but it was a constant breeze that was cool. My pores were raised slightly. When we came back from lunch, all the burners were on. I mean all. We have about 24. Yeah–ALL 24 and water was boiling. It boiled for about 2 hours.–Warm-ness had returned to the kitchen] We made mash potatoes, the high class way. It took an hour. Who thinks up these things? We boiled tons of butter and cream. We also boiled vegetables the “proper” way and later served that and out potatoes to the chef.

We got an excellent on the potatoes. We even got to take home tubs of our food. YAY my money is going to good use.

I am tired and must be awake for class. I did not have time to scan the readings–I guess that is what early morning jam sessions are for.

Cheers and if you have any questions on these high class processes, let me know.

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