Day 1 at Culinary School

Wow, what a long day I had.  It seems that this will be the norm as I have about 44 more days like this.

So lets start with the specs of my class-top floor kitchen.  My class has 4 girls and 10 boys.  A healthy mix of backgrounds and only a small amount have culinary experience.  That is good as there  will be very little stars in the beginning.

So I had an enjoyable welcome.  My locker was already being used and I could not open my lock, for ridiculous reasons I will not discuss.  So I trudged up and down the steps and in the elevator to get that sorted out. I finally made it to class, on time of course.  We did about two hours of admins things.  We went through out text books and got a set of knives.

We get the rundown on policy and grounds for dismissal and all that fun stuff.  The attendance policy is particularly interesting to my class as we meet 2 classes per day on the weekend.  So if you are absent it counts as 2 absences.  Crazy.  They actually let you miss up to 10 .  That is nuts as I thin if you miss 10, which is 5 class days, you obviously don’t want to be there.

We learned the proper way to put a knife in a protector as the other way assures a self stabbing in the wrist or slicing of fingers.

By this time I am kind of needing to walk around.  We got a class break.

So later we watched a video on Food Safety and Sanitation.  I was in and out of a comma during this and to my happy luck, the video stuck so the teacher went through his notes and taught that way.  Learning about food temperatures and storage was interesting.  (what it  is for freezing, how much for a special meat, what temp food will spoil and gain bacteria) A tip–just defrost in your fridge.  We habitually leave food out overnight  and then either cook it in the morning or that night.  Well at a certain temperature (room temperature is part of that range) food invites little friends to hang out.  The middle of the food is still frozen but the outside has already defrosted and so is ripe to attract little friends.

We watched a piece by Anthony Bourdain on El Bulli restaurant in Spain.  It would be cool to visit but at this time my pallet is still amateur and I have resisted certain tastes so it would be uncomfortable for me.  I was awake for this portion, so was everyone else.  By this time the sun had been beaming for about 2 hours, so this would have normally been the perfect nap time, if not for the interesting nature of the video.  That was a good hour.

Next we talked about Dairy.  We saw the range, skim to heavy cream, and learned the uses and why we use certain ones.  We learned about some of the things you do with milk and why butter is better, especially European butter.

Tomorrow we are to learn how to set a table for cooking and basic knife skills.  We will also taste cheese–for all you lactaids out there, this would railroad your bum.

I am exhausted but ready for tomorrow.  I will hit the white tarmac by 11:30 I hope.  I have homework to do and forget tidying my house.  That kind of thing is now a Mon-Thurs activity.

P.S. Oh, did I mention the textbooks. I have a bunch and I have 7 handouts (the start of my own mill).  It is suggested we make ourselves familiar because it will help with the processes in class. I even have an assignment to write about spices.

Cheers and Enjoy Life!


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