First day of culinary class is upon me!

I would like to say that I am shaking in my bones, but I am just keeping an open mind about what I will find and experience.  Some serious learning is about to begin.  A little sacrifice (weekends) will go a long way.  I hope to be cooking wonderful meals, and throwing dinner parties in well thought out residences, for those who appreciate having their pallets and eyes excited.

I have my trusty mate to support me and my two long time friends to push me along.  All want and can see success.   We all always wanted to grow old doing what we wanted and being successful at the same time.  We are European at heart and want to be able to live an d enjoy life now, not when we retire.  There is nothing like doing the same thing forever in the same way, with the same people, at the same desk, on the same side of  the street, waiting for that day to break free.

What do the “rents” think.  One is pleased, one is supportive with reservations.  It is like the doctor syndrome–parents want their kids to grow up and  be what they want them to be.  The goal then is to amaze the “rents’ with your skills.

Welcome to freedom.  I can cook, and play in the kitchen all I want.  I can bake when I want and as often as I want.  I can see the looks on people’s faces when a delicious flavor hits their tongues.

Day 1

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